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Microsoft for Startups

Check out special opportunities for Black & Brown Founders community members, made possible by Microsoft for Startups.


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About Our Partnership

As a nonprofit dedicated to helping Black and Latinx entrepreneurs build tech businesses, it’s our job to not just know the odds, but to help you beat them.

We take our role of being at the vanguard seriously. We try to protect our community by investing time and energy into creating opportunities while staving off opportunists.

For that reason, it’s been our pleasure to collaborate with Microsoft. From what we’ve seen, their leadership staunchly believes that diversity fuels innovation. It’s our pleasure to extend their resources to our community.

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Three Ways to Play

We currently have three ways that you can take advantage of Microsoft startup services as a member of the Black & Brown Founders community.

  1. EXCLUSIVE WEBINAR: B2B Marketing Beyond Lead Generation with Microsoft and the BBF Team on Wednesday, November 20th. REGISTER HERE!

  2. More Microsoft Webinars: click here to view their schedule of online learning events.

  3. Microsoft Learn: start leveling up today with free courses on products like Azure, PowerApps, and Dynamics.

We expect to update this page as new things come up, so make sure you’re on our mailing list to get notified!

Do you have a specific request for something you’d like to see? Great. Drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do.

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