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Bootstrapping Bootcamp

Don’t waste precious time and money making all the classic mistakes as a first-time founder. Work with us and build your prototype, launch, and start collecting coins.

Enrollment for our next cohort begins in August 2019.


Bootstrapping Bootcamp is designed to be highly-actionable and get you receipts! We’ll help you validate your idea, build your first prototype, and start making your first dollars. Get off the sidelines and walk it like you talk it!

What will I get out of it?

  • A prototype that you can use to make sales and, if you really, really want to… pitch investors

  • Our recipe for how to launch and get your first customers

  • A community that will help encourage and support you during the hard @$$ journey

  • The tools required to launch a business by any means necessary

  • Clarity, focus, and accountability to help achieve your daily goals

  • More self-confidence at each step, with every lesson, every week

  • Brand new ways to solve problems while making the most appropriate business choices for YOU

Space in the bootcamp is limited and spots will be filled on a first come-first served basis!

Black & Brown Founders is a nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching promising Black and Latinx entrepreneurs how to turn their most valuable skills into a profitable tech business. If we aren’t helping you make cash money, we aren’t doing it right.

We want to empower our community, so they can feel in control their lives, help their families, and build wealth and lasting legacies.


Our bootcamp is 100% virtual and lasts for 6 weeks (May 1st-June 12th). Live lessons will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays every week by our instructors, Aniyia Williams and Francesca Escoto. Everything is also recorded and shared on our private platform alongside other curated articles and content.

  • Live video lessons and recordings

  • Q&A and workshop sessions to apply key concepts

  • Community-based platform to access content and connect with your peers

  • Lifetime access to bootcamp content



Aniyia is the Executive Director of Black & Brown Founders (BFF), and has worked for and built startups in San Francisco since 2011. She founded BBF and fashion tech startup, Tinsel, which created the world's first audio necklace and earned Aniyia a patent for her electronic jewelry designs. As CEO of Tinsel, she raised nearly $500K from investors and successfully crowdfunded support for her invention. Aniyia is also co-founder of Zebras Unite, a movement pushing for a more sustainable culture around venture capital and startups.

Entrepreneurship runs in Aniyia's bloodーshe grew up in Philadelphia where her family owned and ran a hair school and three salons. She began working in the family business from the age of 5. Aniyia is committed to helping underestimated tech entrepreneurs, and serves as a partner and special advisor to Backstage Accelerator. She also previously served as Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Code2040, and has produced several events around the U.S. for Black and Latinx founders.


Insight comes from experience. Francesca has launched companies, led sales teams, and managed complex software projects for herself and many of her clients. Francesca also has certifications as a Professional Coach and Project Manager. She grew up launching and running Taekwondo schools in Dominican Republic with her parents. Francesca is an engineer whose first venture developed software to track the performance of aircraft engines... and grew too fast! She learned a lot.

Francesca has been tapped by MIT Media Lab, WPI, Cosmo For Latinas, SXSW, Code2040, Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, NPR and others to share her wisdom on their their stages and pages. Francesca also has experience teaching in the traditional classroom and writing curriculum. She is the Coach-in-Residence at Black & Brown Founders, committed to helping create transformative training programs for entrepreneurs of color.



This is for YOU if:

  • You are tired of pitching investors and coming up empty handed

  • You're unsure how to bootstrap successfully

  • You need clear brand values

  • You lack structure and discipline

  • You have a messy strategy to get from A to B

  • You need your first prototype

  • You don’t know when to pivot or iterate

  • You need to understand the basic legal pieces of setting up a business

  • You need help understanding how to manage your limited cash

  • You don’t know how to create a marketing funnel

  • Your sales engine is weak (if you have one!)

This is NOT for you if:

  • You are creating new drug treatments or spacecraft or sophisticated electronic devices

  • You are already selling close to $1M annually

  • You don’t believe in coaching or mentoring

  • You are committed to your current strategy working and don’t want to change


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